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See what Shelley Maries' clients have to say...

Every month I look forward to my "date" with you and my toenails.  I just love how I am pampered from "head to toe" by you!  From the warm lavender wrap you place around my neck, to the perfectly heated basin of water my feet soak in...aah...I swear that many times it is the only time I sit and relax all month!  My feet are my business.  Without them, I couldn't perform a single lunge, squat, or running step during the 10 boot camps I teach each week.  Before I started using your services, my feet and toenails showed every mile they had traveled.  Now, when I take my running shoes off, I am excited to show off my healthy, sexy feet and nails and admire the color of the month on them!
Thank you for pampering me and treating me as if I am your only customer!  Your work is impeccable and flawless.  Your personality is delightful and uplifting.  You are a true "Master Pedicurist"!

— Amie Breeze
Owner and Director of Sebastopol Adventure Boot Camp


I have been going to Shelley  for  two years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.  Shelley creates for her clients a comfortable, warm environment where you can relax while she performs her magic on your hands and feet. She takes great care in making sure the whole person is well taken care of.  After I have my pedicure and manicure I walk out of Lily’s Salon feeling cared for and beautiful.

— Jan Krensky, Sebastopol


I have been going to Shelley Marie for my foot and hand care for two years.  Her passion, personality, professionalism and attention to detail are rare to find in this industry.  She has educated me on how important it is to take care of my feet, and we always have fun choosing the colors!  I also go to her to shellac my nails.  My hands are not my greatest attribute but once Ms. Shelley Marie is finished with them I am in awe, and the shellac holds for two weeks!  Her service is five-star.  I constantly refer  friends and clients.

— Chelsea Wiecek, KB Properties, Sebastopol


I have been going to Shelley for the past one and- a-half years for pedicures and manicures, and  I could not be more pleased.  Shelley is very professional and knowledgeable about nail care.  Shelley takes great care in maintaining sanitary conditions from the foot bath to the sterilized implements.  My main focus is on healthy, natural looking nails. Add to this Shelley's positive, upbeat personality, and this is a nail experience that is different from any other. Thank you Shelley!

— Stephanie Poley, Sebastopol



I've been going to LiLy's Salon for manicures and pedicures with Shelley for nearly three years. I go every month, and I'm never disappointed with the results. Offering a wide variety of colors for my nails, Shelley cares about the health of my hands and feet as well as their appearance.  What's even more special about Shelley is that she treats me as if I'm her favorite customer.  I know she treats everyone that way, but I always feel as though she's been waiting just for me.  If you're looking for expert nail care, as well as a pleasant time, all for a reasonable price, call LiLy's Salon and ask for an appointment with Shelley.

— Jan Slaby, Occidental


My special treat every month is a pedicure with Shelley.  She provides a mini-spa atmosphere with her gentle, caring touch and her sparkling personality. My favorite gift for friends and visitors from out of town is a gift certificate for a pedicure or manicure with Shelley.

— Mary Ellen, Sebastopol